Baker throws five touchdowns in six-man victory

Jul 5, 2012 By Bruce Tippets, Sports Editor

Mitchell Baker from Dubois threw five touchdown passes

to carry the Wyoming 6-man football all-stars past Nebraska 54-52 on Saturday at Arthur County High School in Nebraska.

The final touchdown from Baker came in the final minutes of the all-star game after he hooked up with Little Snake River's Daniel Wille.

"The last touchdown pass I didn't get to see Daniel catch it because I got tackled," Baker said. "I was laying on the ground and I heard the crowd go crazy. I knew right then that it had gone for a touchdown."

This was the first all-star game between Wyoming and Nebraska in 6-man football.

Arthur County High School is the three-time defending 6-man Nebraska champs.

"It was really fun to play against Nebraska," Baker said. "We got to have fun with the Nebraska players before the game started. They have some really cool players."

The game was four 12 minute quarters.

"I really expected there to be more running in the game," Baker said. "It was awesome to throw five touchdown passes in one game."

Willie scored five touchdowns in the all-star game. He had three running and two passes from Baker.

In the fall, Little Snake River beat Dubois for the 6-man championship at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie.

"Our coaches on Saturday did a really good job of mixing the plays up," Baker said. "It was just worked really well. I had some great receivers that made me look really good."

Baker will now head to Casper College in the fall to become a high school teacher.

Baker ran track for the Rams and played basketball.

"I'm really going to miss playing for sports," Baker said.

Wyoming 54, Nebraska 52

"Our team got extremely competitive in the second half," Baker said. "For the first half we were trying to do all that we could. You could tell that we weren't doing our best."

Nebraska built a 46-20 lead at the break.

"After halftime, we knew that we had to get going," Baker said.

Baker played middle linebacker in the all-star game.

"We just knew in order to win the game that we had to make defensive stops," Baker said.

The tide started to change in the third when Wyoming outscored Nebraska 22-6.

In the final quarter, Wyoming won the period 12-0 to complete the victory.

The other touchdown in the fourth quarter was from Baker to Rex Stanley on a 60-yard touchdown pass.

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Mitchell Baker

Mitchell Baker

Mitchell Baker

Mitchell Baker

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