City ought to do 'something nice' with new empty space

Jul 3, 2012 Cathy Gaines, Riverton


I read Mr. Peck's editorial about what Riverton might do with the vacant lot at Fifth and Main where the old Daisy Cleaners was. To my way of thinking, the best thing would be something green.

One of the things our city government seems to know how to do fairly well is keep care of the parks. I see the city labor crews out mowing and watering and fertilizing all the time to keep the parks thick and green. (By the way, aren't we supposed to be conserving water in town?)

I bet they could get some of these garden volunteer people and plant some grass and bushes and a few crabapple trees in that vacant lot and make it look very nice.

Then the city could send a man over for maybe an hour a week to mow and water, and without causing any more labor expense.

I see there is a "for sale" sign in the corner already. I am worried that it is just going to become another parking lot or a tin building, and we don't need another one of either of those. Do something nice with that space.

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