Tuesday notes

Jul 3, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

No paper Wednesday

There's a holiday coming up, and your daily newspaper staff plans to celebrate it. Consequently, The Ranger will not publish Wednesday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day.

The offices of both The Ranger and Ranger Printers will be closed Wednesday.

We'll return to normal publication Thursday, July 5, and we don't expect to miss another normal day of publication until Thursday, Nov. 22 -- Thanksgiving Day.

Smoke in the valley

It's hard to say exactly where the smoke in the Wind River Basin is coming from this week. There are lots of possibilities.

Is it from the big fire near Fort Collins, Colo.? The one in northern Utah? The smoke might be drifting over from the Fontenelle Fire on the other side of the Wind River range from us. Under the right conditions, smoke from the fire near Wheatland could reach us with no problem. The big South Dakota fire probably isn't the source of our smoke, but the one in Idaho might be.

Unnerving as the smoke can be, we can count ourselves lucky that our valley is collecting smoke from fires that aren't burning here -- and we must do all we can to ensure that it stays that way.

Fireworks fears

On a related note, 2012 will be remembered as the Fourth Without Fireworks. The explosive, burning amusements are restricted severely this year. See page one of today's edition for reporter Martin Reed's story on the latest limits.

If you want to be patriotic, then serve your community, your state and your country by not doing something stupid with fireworks Wednesday -- or any other day this summer. Observe the restrictions to the letter of the law -- and then some.

Suffice it to say that local authorities will be royally ticked off if firefighters have to be sent out to cover a fire brought about by fireworks.

If you are in a restricted area, then find other ways to enjoy the Fourth this year. There are lots of them -- including having a fire-free holiday. That would be worth celebrating all by itself.

Music in the parks

The annual Not Notes/Cool Nites summer band concert series got off to a good start Monday at Riverton City Park, with a good crowd and lively music. The concerts are starting later than usual this year. Normally they conclude during Fourth of July week rather than begin, and organizers hope the new schedule will be well-received.

The next show is Monday, July 9, at Lander City Park. Please support this pleasant summer program that has built a nice tradition countywide.

Thou in the Dow

We're now into the final full month of the hypothetical, yearlong investment experiment based on placing an imaginary $1,000 into an imaginary fund based on the daily rise or fall of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Had you invested a "thou in the Dow" last August, the day after a sickening plunge in the famed stock index, your money would have been worth $1,146.69.

It's been a good week on the markets, and Thou in the Dow is now at its highest point in two months.

Ailing CBT

We ask readers to keep a good thought for Carolyn B. Tyler, our senior staff writer and 51-year columnist who is battling a health crisis this week in Riverton. She has bounced back from several emergencies in the past during her courageous life, and we know she has many Ranger readers pulling for her now. Get well, Carolyn.

Rally 'round the flag

The composer George F. Root wrote one of the most popular songs of the 19th century, "Battle Cry of Freedom," in 1862, during the Civil War. Root was a northerner who campaigned for the Union and rewrote the words to the song to help President Abraham Lincoln's re-election campaign in 1864.

That was the first of many revisions of the song to make it conform to one cause or another -- including a version by Root himself for the Confederacy before the Civil War ended.

With the Fourth of July at hand, here's a version that has survived to our times.

"Yes we'll rally round the flag, boys, we'll rally once again,

Shouting the battle cry of freedom,

We will rally from the hillside, we'll gather from the plain,

Shouting the battle cry of freedom!

"The U.S.A forever! Hurrah, boys, hurrah --

Down with the traitor, up with the star,

While we rally round the flag, boys, rally once again,

Shouting the battle cry of freedom!"

Happy Independence Day, and here's to a good week.

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