Trash station flap a 'fiasco'

Jun 30, 2012 Hal Merton, Lander


I suppose the fiasco with the Atlantic City trash transfer station is a sneak preview for the rest of us. You don't often see something botched up as bad as this situation was up there.

To think that you could just take a service that had been going for seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and then cut it down to just a couple of days a month and expect that to be good enough is completely off base. Short-sighted is the word for it.

I tip my hat to the residents who decided they wouldn't stand for it, and got involved in the process to get it changed. In my opinion, they still ended up settling for less than they should have, but at least the authorities listened to them and made some changes.

I completely agree with Mr. Peck's editorial on June 10, when he said "an easy answer to this problem doesn't exist, but a hard one does." We got a look at what the hard answer is up in Atlantic City. The other hard answer is for the county government to raise the money adequate for providing us with trash service that we need. No one much likes the sound of this, but I say if it takes more taxes to get it done, then we will have to pay more taxes.

We can't have big trash heaps sitting around everyone's house and business, but that is what will happen if we can't get to the trash stations.

This is a job that, frankly, is too big for private citizens to handle on their own. This is one area where we need the government to help, and IR00;mean really help, not take service away.

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