Annual mining edition helps 'mark the summer' each year

Jun 29, 2012 C.T. Cal Taylor, Tucson, Ariz.


To The Ranger staff, congratulations on your annual mining and energy edition, which now has been done for the 57th year in a row.

I don't remember those very earliest ones, but I really do enjoy seeing it come out each year. It kind of marks the start of summer for me when I see it. (And did I see a third generation of the Peck family writing for the paper now?)

I have grandchildren now (IR00;live in Arizona these days), and visiting Riverton I turned through the different sections of the mining edition with my grandson and tried to tell him about some of the big machines we saw. The underground "miner" machine in the soda ash mine was one of our favorites this year.

You will never, ever hear me criticize the energy producing and mineral industries in this state. For one thing, IR00;hope my grandson and granddaughters one day can attend our state university using money from the Hathaway scholarship, which was funded by the great revenue Wyoming gets from its energy industry.

I remember talking with the former editor of The Ranger many years ago, Dave Perry, and I have some inkling of what a big undertaking this special issue of The Ranger is for the staff. I do appreciate it.

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