Nickerson J. Shakespeare

Jun 28, 2012 Staff

Nickerson J. Shakespeare, 67, of the Wind River Indian Reservation, died Sunday, June 24, 2012, at the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, following a lengthy illness.

Funeral services are at 10 a.m. Friday, June 29, at Blue Sky Hall at Ethete with Catholic clergy officiating. Interment will be in the Shakespeare Family Cemetery at Ethete.

An evening service is from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, June 28, at Blue Sky Hall with a wake to follow at the Jimmy Shakespeare residence, No. 765 Ethete Road.

Nickerson John Shakespeare was born Oct. 16, 1945, in Fort Washakie the son of Nickerson West Shakespeare Sr. and Elizabeth Underwood.

A lifelong resident of the Wind River Indian Reservation, he attended schools at Mill Creek and Lander.

His family said Mr. Shakespeare enjoyed fishing and playing cards, being around his family, writing letters to his family, watching movies, going to the casino, traveling to visit his family in South Dakota, and they said the one special person in his heart was his granddaughter, Maria.

Mr. Shakespeare is survived by brothers Richard "Big Rock," Kenneth "Bobby," George West, Leroy and Odell Shakespeare, Edward, Ray, Marty, Patrick, John and Jerome Underwood, Harley Hungary, Alfred and Hubert Redman, and Mike Tohtoty; sisters Alvena Oldman, Lucy Willow, Anita Gordon, Miltida Bushyhead, Ruth Mary Goggles, Delight O'Neal, Mary Cowboy, Martha Ann Brown, Amy Underwood, Jessie and Lettie Spoonhunter, Bernice Watan, Audrey, Alicia, Patricia, Kay and Jerri Underwood, Becky Underwood-Miller, Karen Trosper, Jodi Jorgenson, Gloria Uranga, Mary Lou Stevens, Lela Brill and Karen Cutnose; nephews Jim, Medford, Cedric and R.J. Shakespeare, Cyril and Charles Martinez, Darrell O'Neal and Stan Trumbull; nieces Elizabeth Antone, Francine, Vicky, Vernita and Lynelle Shakespeare, Sarah Littleshield, Katherine and Carol Trumbull; aunt Lillian Towady; the extended families of He Crow, Scabby Faces, Brings Him Back, Goggles, and Ridgley.

He was preceded in death by brothers Michael Rudolph Shakespeare, Wesley Underwood, Vincent, Sherman, Delbert and Anthony Redman, Loren, Stanley, Ed, Adam Jr., and George Merlin Shakespeare, Carl, Stewart and Arnold Headley, Nemo and Eugene Ridgley Sr., and Bobby Tohtoty; sisters Lydia Friday, Mary Christine Shakespeare, Miaria Martinez, Thelma Hungary and Francis Jane Redman; nephews Clement, Michael and Gabe Friday, Dallas Shakespeare and Dean Trumbull; nieces Madona Ann and Nina Karen Friday, Justina Leonard, Rose Antelope, Annette O'Neal Friday and Jeri Trumbull; grandchildren Lalisia Brown and Brandon, Krista and Billy Ferris.

Services are provided by Wind Dancer Funeral Home of Fort Washakie.

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