Replacement time

Jun 28, 2012 By Steven R. Peck

School District 25 couldn't ask for a better slate of candidates to fill its board vacancy

With a vacancy looming on the Riverton school board, the replacement process is off to a near-perfect start. Fremont County School District 25 couldn't have asked for a better slate of citizens to express interest in filling the position through the end of the year.

Each of the candidates to have submitted the required letter of interest in being appointed to fill the vacancy is a person of stature in the community, a person of accomplishments in his or her life, and a person of intelligence.

All five are well liked among the patrons of the district who know them, and each made a cogent, persuasive statement as to why he or she could be of good service to the district and the board.

Throughout the century-plus of Riverton's history, the school board consistently has been one of the strongest public entities in Fremont County, almost always seating a group of the community's finest.

The remaining members of the school board will interview the five prospects almost immediately, and they will appoint the replacement within a few days.

It continues to be a concern that so many of our elected officials at all levels of local government opt not to serve the full terms to which they were elected.

Whoever is named to the school board ought to be asked if he or she fully intends to fill the seat for the designated term, especially if that person decides to run for the full term in November.

The best way to achieve public office is to be elected to it by the full population of registered voters. But when a replacement of an office-holder outside the normal election process becomes necessary, the community hopes for a good group of candidates and a fair method of evaluating them. That's exactly what we've got.

Congratulations to the volunteers who have stepped forward. From the looks of things, it would be hard to end up with a bad outcome here.

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