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Complainers could put senior center in jeopardy

Jun 27, 2012 Concerned group


We are all regular patrons of the Riverton Community and Senior Center and fully support the current board, management, staff and volunteers.

We all take part in the many varied activities offered, as well as the meals, most on a daily basis.

We fail to understand the reasoning of the relatively small group of our fellow senior citizens, our neighbors and friends, who continue to push for sweeping changes in the center.

Some of us feel that they could actually be endangering the center's continuation and funding by their actions.

This would be a tragic end to a wonderful facility.

Kathy Rein. Muriel Kraus, Rita Schmidt, Janis Haggerty, Carman Majdic

and 25 other signers


Editor's note: It is The Ranger's long-standing policy not to publish petition-style letters to the editor. In cases such as this one, the first five legible signatures will be included, along with the number of additional signatures.

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