Business offers best experience to govern nation

Jun 26, 2012 Harold Goodell, Dubois


On the front page of the Ranger Sunday, June 17, there in bold type were the words "Improvement in Jobs Picture,"with numbers. What a nice way to begin the summer.

It supported a recent comment not seen elsewhere, made by a friend in Southern California, "Yes, things are getting better." He is a lifelong post-war citizen of the San Diego area, following the life and philosophy of his peers that elected our current president. In looking closer at this bit of County news I find little to cheer

Our unemployment is down by 3 tenths of one per cent but added 73 people while jobs increased by 71. Is someone trying to mislead us? Though some say never, only the leadership of those with business and financial experience, with help of the people, can lead America away from the point of collapse.

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