Jeremy Hill to be named RHS activities chief

Jun 26, 2012 By Craig Blumenshine, Staff Writer

Jeremy Hill, a Riverton High School graduate and current assistant principal at Lamar Consolidated High School in Rosenberg, Texas, will be named the new activities director at RHS.

Riverton school superintendent Terry Snyder said Hill will succeed Keith Bauder who resigned from the position in May. The hiring depends on Riverton school board approval Tuesday night, which is expected.

Hill, in an interview Monday evening, said he is excited about the opportunity to return to his hometown.

"In looking at opportunities to move my family from Texas back to Riverton. We kept a close eye on some of the different opportunities that were in the community. Knowing that activities at RHS is what made me the kind of student, the type of teacher, and later the type of principal that I have gotten to be, it was an opportunity to really give that back to the community," Hill said.

Prior to taking the assistant principal position at LCHS, Hill served as the academic coordinator and director of forensics and fine arts since 2005. He previously was the head girls soccer coach at Lander Valley High School.

"When you look at me on paper, you are seeing an activities director that is different from what most people see," he said. "The bulk of the time that I have spent in Texas has been with activities, career and technology organizations, theater and speech.

"In Texas, we have the University Interscholastic League. The UIL contests are math, sciences, social studies and English-based activities. Typically most campuses have and athletic director and an academic director.

"The experience I had in Lander coaching the varsity girls soccer and junior varsity girls soccer prior to that balances those things out for me," he added.

When asked whether he had concerns working with the athletic responsibilities he will inherit at Riverton High School, Hill said that he did not.

"I have been working with the athletic side of things here in Texas as an assistant principal. We work very closely with the head football coach, and I don't have any concerns about that at all," Hill said.

Hill believes that Riverton has always been the "top dog" in middle-sized programs in some areas.

"When you talk about activities, there is a strong history of forensics in Riverton. You look at the trajectory of activities (including band), it has pushed those academic programs higher.

"As far as athletics goes, we have been stuck kind of on that border between large-school and medium-sized school. Our athletes can play just as well as anybody else's athletes. Our bench just doesn't run as deep as some of those schools like Gillette. One of the things for me that will be big is about how we recruit two and three-season athletes and look at how our coaches from one season to the next are working closely with each other.

"It will be important for our coaches to talk with each other horizontally as well as vertically. I want our seventh- and eighth-grade coaches talking to our varsity coaches as well," Hill said.

Snyder believes one of Hill's greatest strengths is his ability to represent ideas and represent information.

"He researched the position very well. He will have to do a needs assessment and find areas we can grow in and get better. To me, the consistency piece is the element. Whether it is in the classroom, athletic field or on the stage, we need to be competitive with our programs year after year.

"He is ready to deal with the heavy athletic piece. Every department and every facet of the schools Jeremy has participated with has had tremendous success," Snyder said.

Tim Bell will remain in the position of assistant activities at the high school and activities director at the middle school.

"Tim has that athletic background that can add to that balance. We really think we have a very talented person coming in and helping us out with activities and athletics," Snyder said.

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Jeremy Hill is tabbed to be named the new activities director at Riverton High School.

Jeremy Hill is tabbed to be named the new activities director at Riverton High School.

Jeremy Hill is tabbed to be named the new activities director at Riverton High School.

Jeremy Hill is tabbed to be named the new activities director at Riverton High School.

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