Jun 21, 2012 The Associated Press

Senators voted to nix EPA rule

CHEYENNE -- Wyoming Republican Sens. Mike Enzi and John Barrasso supported a failed attempt to block the Environmental Protection Agency from setting the first federal standards to reduce toxic air pollution from power plants.

The Democratic-majority Senate rebuffed the Republican effort Wednesday to overturn a regulation to slash mercury and other toxic emissions from the oldest and most polluting oil- and coal-fired power plants in the country.

Enzi says the EPA rule would strike a fatal blow to the coal industry by causing many coal power plants to shut down.

Barrasso says the rule does little to protect public health. He says it will do just the opposite and create a health crisis because of the additional unemployment it will cause in the West, the Midwest and in Appalachia.

Reagan rifle on display in Cody

CODY -- A rifle that belonged to Ronald Reagan is now on display at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody.

The Winchester Model 64 Lever Action rifle is the most recent addition to a collection of presidential guns at the center's firearms museum. Guns that belonged to Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon Johnson are also on display.

The center announced the addition Wednesday. Reagan's rifle was a gift from a Los Angeles gunsmith and has a series of gold inlays representing different stages of his life. They include a football, a microphone, the Screen Actors' Guild logo and the presidential seal.

Rugwell named to BLM position

CHEYENNE -- The Bureau of Land Management has chosen a Cheyenne native to be the new associate state director for BLM Wyoming.

BLM Wyoming State Director Don Simpson said Wednesday that Mary Jo Rugwell plans to report to the Wyoming state office in late August. He says Rugwell has an extensive background in management, renewable resources, wild horses, oil and gas, grazing, fire and recreation.

Rugwell most recently was a district manager for the BLM's southern Nevada district office. She began her BLM career in 1984 at the Wyoming State Office in Cheyenne in the fluid minerals branch.

Bureau helps on coal tours

GILLETTE -- The Campbell County Convention and Visitors Bureau is footing more of the costs for popular tours at Eagle Butte coal mine this summer.

Normally, the mine pays all costs for the free tours, but as prices and production in the U.S. coal market have plunged, the mine has been cutting costs.

Mary Silvernell, of the County Convention and Visitors Bureau, says the tours are too popular and too important for local tourism to stop so the bureau decided to put up about $15,000 to insure a tour vehicle and pay the wages of tour guides.

Eagle Butte is providing fuel and maintenance for the vehicle.

More than 1,600 people visited the mine last summer.

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