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'Sneaking' onto ballot as write-in is a 'trick'

Jun 12, 2012 Mary Claren, Riverton


I totally agree with Mr. Peck's editorial recently talking about how people try to sneak onto the ballot for the general election by not filing for the primary and then getting their friends and family to write in their names on the ballot.

I'm sorry but that is not an "election." Most of the time it is a trick to leapfrog the voters and get yourself on the general ballot.

Another similar thing is how many elected officials get elected to a four-year term and then don't serve it out. Now it is happening again on the school board.

I ask myself how many times we have elected someone to the school board, or the city council, or the state legislature, and they end up quitting before they have done what we elected them to do, and I lost count. Once the mayor even did it.

No, I have never run for any office, but there is a right way and a wrong way to serve the voters. We are not served as well as we should be by these people who try to get elected without running, or who don't serve as promised.

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