Coroner is right on decal issue

Jun 10, 2012 Mike Schierkolk, Riverton


I have been reading the wasted- space articles covering the head butting and pushing around of our county coroner by the power hungry Fremont County Commissioners.

I am in agreement with coroner Ed McAuslan on this issue, as he truly has a valid point in his reasons for refusing to place gaudy county signs on the vehicles of his department.

Ed's position is that the signage will cause undue disruptions at any scene where he has unfortunately been called to perform his duties.

I find the reasons the commissioners give to be shallow and reeking of power and control issues. They are acting as if they are Ed's boss, and that certainly is not the case. Ed works for the people of Fremont County, and so do the commissioners.

This is not a private sector position where Ed's department would be subordinate to the commission, as the current commissioners are trying to make it appear. They are treating Ed like an unloved stepchild and using their elected positions in ways that are not only unbecoming of them, but downright disrespectful to a valued and respected fellow citizen just trying to do his job with as little as possible public fanfare and gawking onlookers getting in his way during his work and investigations.

I agree his reasons are valid and should be respected.

I also find Julie Freese's claim that the commission owns the county vehicles or that they own the capital revolving fund to be not only incorrect and ridiculous, but it is downright treasonous to the principles of this free republic. The commission does not own one damn item or thing which is the property of the County of Fremont, Wyoming.

You power hungry folks are elected servants of the people of this county and should remain ever mindful of that simple fact. We have through our ballots, asked you to be stewards of our common holdings, and I for one am embarrassed at your conduct in this matter. If you people are not savvy enough to grasp the simple ideas and reasons why Ed wishes his department's vehicles to be unmarked other than the license plates and lights, then in my opinion, you are not the people with a good enough grasp on why we elected you in the first place.

Ed is not your employee, nor is he your subordinate. He is a fellow servant of the people just like you. I am glad some of you are up for election, as that gives me the opportunity to speak with my other voice my non-vote.

Stand your ground Ed, and avoid letting these power hungry folks push you around. You have more support out there than you may know.

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