Celebrate tie hacks at Dubois smorgasbord

Jun 10, 2012 Staff

The meal is served Saturday, June 16, at the Headwaters center.

A major annual Dubois tradition is coming that stirs appetites all around.

The Swedish Smorgasbord will be on Saturday, June 16, at the Headwaters Arts and Conference Center, 20 Stalnaker St., in Dubois.

The buffet-style smorgasbord that features traditional Scandinavian food will be served at 5 and 6 p.m.

The Swedish Smorgasbord celebrates the legacy of the Scandinavian tie hacks that cut cross-ties for the railroad industry for more than 40 years in the national forest of the Upper Wind River Valley.

The ties were cut throughout the winter and gathered along creek banks awaiting the spring floods.

As the ties were driven downstream, the tie hacks gathered at camps along the river banks and ate traditional Scandinavian food cooked in Dutch ovens. Passers-by on the highway stopped and joined the tie hacks in these meals and turned the gatherings into celebrations.

When the railroad ceased logging in the Upper Wind River Valley, Lydia Olson (wife of Wyoming Tie and Timber Com-pany woods boss Martin Olson) joined with members of the St. Thomas Church Guild to continue the community tradition.

The community potluck featuring traditional Scandinavian food was first held in 1948 until the late 1980s. The Dubois Museum Association revived the tradition in 2004 as part of Dubois's 90th birthday celebration.

Tickets went on sale June 1. Adults cost $12 each and children younger than 10 are $8 each.

Organizers encourage everyone to take the opportunity to enrich their Swedish Smorgasbord experience by volunteering for the event.

For more information about the Smorgasbord, volunteering, or ticket availability, call the Dubois Museum at (307) 455-2284.

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