Wadda generated great respect around the state

Jun 7, 2012 Dennis Heckart, Riverton


I read with sorrow and regret of the sudden passing of the great tribal leader, Eddie Wadda. He will be missed by his people of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe, and also the entire Wind River Indian Reservation and certainly the non-tribal members of Fremont County.

Eddie was a commanding figure when he entered the room in his handsome suit, his friendly gentle voice, and his award-winning, warming smile.

He always took the opportunity to speak to everyone, and he instantly earned their trust and respect with his sincerity. He was dedicated to his people, and was involved in many efforts to teach them and improve their lives. And certainly, he was trusted on the state level to wear the title of Liaison to the Governor of Wyoming.

I'm sure there is a phrase in the Shoshone language which says, "Rest in Peace, Eddie --you have given much."

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