DCI building decision shows lack of fiscal responsibility

Jun 6, 2012 Larry Bauman, Riverton


Well, once again some members of the Riverton City Council showed lack of fiscal responsibility, recently approving a contract to construct a new DCI building utilizing a grant from the state aeronautics board.

Unfortunately, the grant covers only a part of the cost of the construction. The city is on the hook for $53,000, of which $30,000 has already been spent. And, of course, the city has to repay the grant (loan) in 20 years.

Never mind the winning, or should I say appointed, bid didn't meet stated specs. Never mind city staff will be used to construct the parking lot. Never mind the city does not have a long-term occupancy commitment from DCI. Never mind the city will have to maintain the building.

As you can figure out, this building will most likely not pay for itself. But it is good to know that the city has that extra money lying around for such projects. So much for repairing streets.

Thanks to Mayor Warpness for holding firm on not wanting to award the contract. Kudos to you, your honor, and the one member of Council who backed you.

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