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America's veterans 'gave so you didn't have to'

Jun 5, 2012 - Carl Niswonger, Riverton


Last Monday, I took a drive through downtown Riverton. There were few on the streets.

The only thing that was prevalent was Old Glory. The flag was on both sides of the street and was blowing in the breeze.

As I drove through the red, white and blue, my pride rose immensely.

You see, I am a veteran ,and I had the privilege of serving with some of these fallen heroes.

The men and women who gave their lives in our wars to perpetuate our way of life did so willingly and never wavered in their resolve.

Our freedoms and our Constitution are still intact because of the sacrifices made by these brave people.

There are those who would take away our freedoms and make us serve without representation if allowed to do so. We as Americans must stand behind our veterans, dead and alive, to keep our nation free.

Do not forget the veteran. They gave so you didn't have to.

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