If transfer stations are cut, ravens and rodents will do

Jun 3, 2012 Marjane Ambler and Terry Wehrman, Atlantic City


Open letter to the Fremont County Solid Waste District:

Recently you made the decision to close the transfer station in Atlantic City all but 2-3 days a month and to dramatically reduce hours at other transfer stations in the county.

The article in the newspaper said you were interested in public comment, but you made your decision at a meeting on a Monday, one day later. We read the newspaper after your decision was made.

This faulty process led to considerable animosity. Some have suggested that we dump our garbage on the courthouse lawn, but we would like to be more constructive about approaching this problem. Can you schedule a meeting to explore options and notify us when it will be?

Your timing could not be worse. Unlike the other affected communities, Atlantic City is busiest during the summer and especially during weekends.

Perhaps you want to move the responsibility for our garbage to the ravens, rodents, coyotes, and bears? They will transfer the garbage around the countryside.

Did you ask the Game and Fish what they thought about having mountains of smelly garbage in town for several weeks?

This will be a serious hardship for businesses and facilities in the area. The Miner's Grubstake and the Atlantic City Mercantile serve a lot of food and, consequently. generate a lot of food-related trash. In addition, the state rest stop, the two BLM campgrounds, and South Pass City State Historic Site all use this transfer station.

Many of us would be eager to separate out recyclables. With three establishments selling alcohol up here, we generate considerable aluminum and glass. Some of the businesses haul their cans and/or bottles to Lander, but it is challenging for high volumes.

We understand that some people have dumped unacceptable materials at our site (construction materials, batteries, etc.) We have always been willing to participate in meaningful dialogue to address this problem.

When representatives of the county came to Atlantic City a little over a year ago to discuss garbage and roads, we suggested that an extra Dumpster be installed just for construction material, and that we have the option of recycling.Several people from here attended a public meeting in Riverton about this subject, but we feel as if our input has been ignored.

We have done what we could to help, mailing our checks directly to the county to make sure you receive them rather than leaving cash in the money box at the site.

We would appreciate it if you would hold a meeting with us to discuss solutions. You can contact us about a date, and we can spread the word.

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