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Gov. Mead postpones design of new office building

May 31, 2012 By Ben Neary, The Associated Press

CHEYENNE -- In a move that could complicate plans to renovate the Wyoming State Capitol, Gov. Matt Mead this week put plans for a new state office building in Cheyenne on hold in response to falling state revenue projections.

Mead wrote to state lawmakers Tuesday, telling them he's decided to exercise his option not to spend $4.4 million for advanced planning for a new building in Cheyenne. The state eventually intends to build on a recently acquired site located two blocks west of the state Capitol.

Lawmakers earlier this year approved spending the $4.4 million from the state's Capitol renovation fund, but they also gave Mead authority in the state budget to not spend the money if he decided it wouldn't be prudent given the state's financial situation.

Mead last month announced that he was ordering state agency directors to prepare for deeper budget cuts in response to falling revenue projections. He also placed an immediate cap on the number of state workers.

Mead ordered state agency directors to prepare for 8-percent budget cuts in the fiscal year that starts July 2013. That cut is twice what the Legislature had directed state agencies to prepare for earlier this year.

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