Casino should be required to account for its money

May 29, 2012 Steve Moss, Ethete


Well, our general counsel meeting did not go as planned. One of our main concerns was the casinos. Where is the money going? Why do we still owe the bank for a loan that should be done paid off long ago?

Let me tell my people what I know for a fact. The very past Northern Arapaho business council asked our elders about casinos, and our elders did not want them because they knew what trouble it would bring to the people, and it did to present day.

So when the elders got together they gave the green light to the Northern Arapaho business council to go on ahead and fight for our gaming rights. Only with one condition: If it was going to benefit the tribes per capita payments or alike.

To this present day, it has never went into per capita payments or any other payout to the tribe, so that was violation number one on ABC's part to the elders who are no longer with us today.

Now our next general council meeting, I do believe that what I am going to call the head honcho and the team under this head honcho all the way down to the hiring managers will be removed from their jobs as well as for three Northern Arapaho business council members.

Everyone under your hiring managers will still hold your jobs. The higher ups will be immediately replaced and no, the casinos will not be closed down for their removals. I always would like to say there are four quarters in a year, what the casino needs to do is have a printout to show the people where the money is going and this very same idea goes for the Northern Arapaho Business Council.

This printout idea should become into tribal law.

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