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False water tests at mill site deserve investigation

May 27, 2012 By Matthew F. Dieran, Lander


For all these months we've been hearing about the high uranium in the water near the old Susquehanna mill, and everyone starts jumping through hoops because of the high uranium readings in the water tests given out by the tribal office.

But then the federal scientists come in, and it turns out the uranium levels in the water aren't high at all. Once the lab that knew what they were doing tested the water, it was fine.

Then why all this fuss and hearings? Everyone acted like this was the No. 1 health emergency in the state. And based on what? A bunch of phony test results is what it looks like.

I believe this should be investigated to the full extent to find out how these false water tests were done and how this got as far as it did.

People can badmouth the federal government all they want, but this time I am glad they were here to set things straight, and I hope it keeps going from here until we get to the bottom of this.

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