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State and EPA seem 'a little too cozy' on fracking report

May 16, 2012 Rick Callici, Riverton


Back wen the EPA came out with the information about fracking and the water around Pavillion, the State of Wyoming acted like it came right out of the blue and how they were caught off guard, trying to drum up some sympathy.

But then it comes out that the EPA actually tipped off the governor ahead of time about what was coming so he could line up the heavy artillery to blast the findings the moment they were announced to the public.

This all seems a little too cozy to me. It sounds like the two of them (state and EPA) are almost partners in all of this in how the state asks for a tipoff and the EPA gives it to them, and then the state uses the slack time to rip into the EPA, and then the EPA starts backing off right away.

I don't know who is right or wrong on this issue of fracking and the water, but this makes it look like they are all in on it together and planned it all in advance. Is that the way it should be? From where I see it, there is what they call a "credibility gap" on both sides of this.

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