Energy revenue will rebound because demand will be high

May 13, 2012 By Jerry Humphries, Riverton


If I were Wyoming's energy industry, I wouldn't panic just yet. The alternatives to the proven sources of energy all sound kind of good, but they can't get the job done.

We're writing new regulations to stop more coal power plants from being built. We are attacking hydraulic fracturing use in producing natural gas, and we are vowing to stop importing so much oil. Then I read how Japan is swearing off nuclear energy, and how some European countries plan to do the same.

So, then, I ask you: Where does everybody think all our energy is going to come from? From what I understand, there isn't enough land in the whole country to build enough windmills to replace the power plants.

And do we want millions of windmills as far as the eye can see in every direction?

The same goes for solar panels. They are good enough for your house if you do it right, or as a supplement, but you could cover all of the Wyoming countryside with solar panel and still not have enough juice to run a town with any kind of industry in it.

So I think this revenue downturn due to an energy slump in Wyoming is not going to last for long. The world will need our energy again before long, because you can't live the lifestyle we all want with only windmills to power it. (And we sure aren't going to get far with conservation, are we?)

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