BLM's Pulaski Award shared with Fremont County firefighters

May 2, 2012 Staff

The Pulaski Award, presented to the Bureau of Land Management Wind River/Bighorn Basin District fire program, will be located temporarily in both Lander and Riverton in recognition of the BLM's partnership with the Fremont County Fire Protection District.

¬The Pulaski award recognizes outstanding contributions to wildland firefighting and America's wildland firefighters. This national award from the U.S. Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior is presented annually by the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho. The WR/BBD fire program received the award for its work in developing interagency partnerships geared towards cooperation, coordination and the standardization of fire management in the state of Wyoming.

¬WR/BBD fire management officer Chuck Russell is sharing the recognition with partners by sending the award to locations throughout the area.

"We could not have received this award without our great fire staff and cooperators," Russell said. "I want the Pulaski Award to travel so that all the folks who came together to help develop these relationships can enjoy it."

In Lander, the Pulaski Award spent a week at Lander City Hall and now the community can see it at the Lander Volunteer Fire Department. The award will then wrap-up its tour with a month at the Fremont County Fire Protection District Headquarters in Riverton.

"It is an honor to share the Pulaski Award with the BLM and the other cooperators," said Fremont County Fire Protection District Chief and Fire Warden Craig Haslam. "It pays tribute to the years of cooperative effort with the BLM and other federal agencies. We enjoy the opportunities that we have had in the past to work together and look forward to the same ongoing relationship in the future."

¬The Pulaski Award, a 30-inch bronze statue of a wildland firefighter created by Larry Noland, is named for a young forest ranger who led his crew through thick smoke, heat and flames to the safety of a railroad tunnel during the Montana/Idaho inferno of 1910. Also named for this ranger is a half axe/half hoe tool used commonly in wildland firefighting. The award was first presented in 1998.

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