Sales tax initiative an insult to constituents and consumer

Apr 29, 2012 Tracy Mitchell, Crowheart


As the November election approaches, municipal leaders will be accosting voters to support a 25 percent sales tax increase for their share of nostalgic spending.

A conflict of interest exists, in that mayors do not have jurisdiction to tax beyond their progressive communities, but county commissioners unanimously squared with them to serve salvation at the ballot box. (Yee haw! Those tight-fisted rednecks won't be able to resist general-purpose sporks!)

Quite simply, mayors ought not spoon with the county at large, anymore than commissioners need to fork around with urban matters or hypothetical expenditures. Neither should be promoting taxation without representation.

I consider the resolution/referendum to be an insult to constituents and consumers, a socialist piddle match in an evaporation pool. What's next, Caligula's horse tabling public debate and independent resolve?

The temptation of this $28 million spork venture equates well with dipping into rainy day funds. The majority of people will mistake everybody's perspiration for precipitation.

Stay cool. Sporks are not assets. They're a conflict of duty.

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