Positive news in community this spring

Apr 27, 2012 Eddie and Dee Amend, Riverton


Three "good news" items appeared on the front page of the April 20 issue of The Ranger. They motivate us to offer comment.

1. Bebout to Run for Re-Election: Good news indeed. Sen. Bebout has the capabilities, integrity, experience and passion to meet the demands of the job. He is the person for the position. We are pleased to endorse his candidacy, and urge the re-election of Eli Bebout as state senator representing District 26.

2. Shooting Range Open House: Great. We offer our congratulations to the citizens who have been working for years to provide a shooting range for the community. Good things don't just happen. People make things happen. Motivated citizens who have an idea, see an opportunity and work diligently to bring a project to reality are the kind of folks who help build a community. It is gratifying to observe, this example of several citizens' achievement. Thanks to them.

3. Towns Set Stage For Campaign ... : We are pleased to note the cooperative tone set by Fremont County municipal leaders as they consider a strategy to raise funds specifically for "streets, roads, bridges, water and sewer facilities."

Like most folks we know, we would not be excited about raising taxes just "because we need more money." Conversely, we do strongly support an organized approach to raise funds to resolve identified community infrastructure problems. The proposed 1 percent sales tax is exactly that.

Though we are retired and have very limited income, we don't mind paying our share for use of good streets and other infrastructure. A sales tax of specified scope and time line deserves our approval. Fremont County Commissioners, town mayors and community leaders deserve support for this proposal.

Finally, it's refreshing to read about some of the positive things occurring in Riverton and Fremont County. A long-ago bumper sticker proclaimed that "Fremont County is a Ten." We believe it still is, and can continue to be, if we all work to make it so.

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