Bring some of the quarantined bison to the county

Apr 22, 2012 Ronald Clyde, Lander


In Montana they are fighting about how many of the buffalo (I still call them that instead of bison) that were penned up in Yellowstone Park can be moved to an Indian reservation up there.

If they decide not all the buffalo can be moved, the could we still get some of them here in Fremont County?

There was a chance for it a few years back, but then some ignoramuses got scared of brucellosis -- which is a laugh because these buffalo have been under quarantine for years.

They are tested, vaccinated, tested again, etc., and if there are any buffalo in the world that absolutely don't have brucellosis, it is these buffalo.

I always thought it was a good idea to bring a few of them here. Maybe it can still be done.

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