Tuesday notes

May 13, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Winter's cling

We delve into recent history for the following quote from Tuesday notes exactly one week ago today:

"'Let all thy joys be as the month of May,' wrote the poet. He must have been thinking about our first May weekend in the Wind River Basin. Winter finally seemed a thing of the past."

Oops. A revision is in order. Consider this:

"'Let all thy snows be as the month of May,' no poet ever wrote. But he might have had he seen our second May weekend in the Wind River Basin. Winter still seems a thing of the present."

Special editions

If there is such a thing as special edition season in the Ranger office, it is about to start. This week look for the annual Fremont County Weed and Pest tabloid, with the county graduation edition also due in May. The 59th annual Ranger Mining and Energy Edition is in the works for publication June 18, and we'll have our Fremont County Fair Preview and Scrapbook editions as well.

It's an election year, and that means a voter guide for both the primary and the general election, and we have a couple of other ideas for the summer as well.

Now there's a schedule that ought to keep us busy.

Filing time

Speaking of the primary election, Thursday marks the start of the formal filing period for partisan offices. We'll publish a story in the next day or two outlining the procedures prospective candidates must follow, along with a rundown of what offices are available this year.

Maestro Hussa

Noted with appreciation is the long career in music education of Central Wyoming College professor Bob Hussa, who is retiring as this academic year comes to an end. He is a colorful figure who taught and performed skillfully and with enthusiasm over parts of four decades. He's seen it all, and he kept coming back for more.

Particularly admirable was his belief in the value of exposing local audiences to important, even controversial, themes through music, as well as his encouragement of community members to try their hands (and voices) at singing on stage.

As referenced in his interview with staff writer Katie Roenigk for Sunday's edition, he is living proof that opportunity can knock on doors you might not expect. Bob Hussa answered the knock when he heard it, and the result has been a career of excellence and distinction.

Cowboys to the pros

A couple of Wyoming Cowboys got picked in the NFL draft. It's rare enough that a Cowboy gets drafted at all, so having two names on the big board is exciting. It's also a very respectable showing (mighty Southern Cal, with more players drafted than any team in history through the decades, had just three picked this year).

All of Wyoming sends best wishes to Marqueston Huff with the Titans and Robert Herron with the Buccaneers, along with quarterback Brett Smith, who signed as a free agent with quarterback-questionable Tampa Bay and will get a serious look. On the same team, hope that the Bucs give Herron a chance to return kicks. He's good enough to make a go of it in that role right now.


It is with pleasure and relief that Riverton High School and the community at large mark the passing of another high school prom night without a tragic headline about an automobile accident or other mishap related to teenagers and long hours.

There are several reasons for the positive trend in recent years beyond mere luck, and one of them surely is the now-solid tradition of the after-prom party. It gives the promenaders a fun, safe place to be through the night, with enough accountability to calm the nerves of anxious parents.

Congratulations on another safe, successful prom.

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