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Was woman's sentence lighter than if she had been a man?

Apr 18, 2012 Marsha Ileman, Riverton


In response to the previous letter to the editor about the punishment for the school teacher accused of a sexual offense, I think the same could be said about the adult woman who pleaded guilty at around the same time to having intercourse with underage boys she found on the Internet.

By that I mean, can you imagine the total uproar there would have been if this had been a man of 36 years of age who had enticed two eighth-grade girls into intercourse? I would imagine that most people here would have said no punishment was too harsh.

Because the adult was a woman and the victims were boys, I wonder if she got a lighter treatment from the court than would have been the case the other way around.

I guess we will never know, and I hope there is never a case in the future where we will have the occasion to see for ourselves.

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