Hope 'common sense' prevails in EPA matter

Mar 11, 2014 Dick Tolland, Riverton


I thank our former county commissioner Dennis Heckart for his letter to the editor straightening out the record on how ex-Mayor Vincent handled the "MOU" with the reservation tribes a few years ago. (I didn't realize Mr. Heckart had moved away -- sorry to hear it.)

On the EPA border situation, I also appreciated Mr. Tanner's letter on cooler heads. I do think all the wailing is unnecessary. But I disagree on one point he made. If there is one person who ought to stay out of this whole EPA reservation border issue, it is John Vincent. The Riverton community made it known how we felt about the MOU back when he was mayor, and the community is going to feel the very same way about any kind of joining forces with tribal government in the jurisdiction of Riverton based on the EPA's feelings. It won't work and shouldn't be tried.

I think the ex-mayor is trying to play both sides of the fence. I will leave it to the citizens to wonder why. As for Mr. Vincent on the radio attacking the newspaper for coverage, I'll say that I don't agree on everything that The Ranger has done, but in the issue of the infamous MOU the paper was the only news media that gave it balanced coverage at all.

As for mentioning the ads that ran, where were the ads supporting the MOU back then? I'm sure the paper would have taken their money, too. The problem was, no one in the general public supported the MOU. It wasn't racist, it was just common sense reaction to a bad idea. I hope common sense can prevail in the EPA issue also.

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