CWC's new campus security system expands reach

Feb 25, 2014 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

A new security system at Central Wyoming College will allow administrators to monitor campus activity online from any location.

The CWC Board of Trustees approved the purchase of the $115,000 access control program from the S2 Security Corporation this month. The system will replace the school's current security technology, which is "crumbling as we speak," according to Ron Granger, CWC's vice president for administrative services.

"Every time we have the electricity go off we have problems," he told the board during its January meeting.

John Wood, CWC's chief information officer, said the S2 system is better equipped to survive power outages, two of which occurred during the recent holiday break. He said the new program -- which already has been installed in CWC's Health and Science Center, Professional Technical Center and Classroom Wing -- didn't go down with the electricity.

"It's a much more modern way of doing it," Wood said.

He said the S2 system is accessible online, and security staff can use it to lock quickly individual rooms, buildings or the entire campus from a remote location.

"Folks administering the system do so from their home," Wood said. "So on off hours or holidays, if something untold happens, they can fix the problem."

Considering the near-constant use of CWC facilities in Riverton, school president Jo Anne McFarland said the online access will be a plus.

"College buildings are expanding and are used days, nights, weekends and even some holidays," McFarland said. "An important component of campus security is the ability to manage unlocking and locking of buildings as quickly and efficiently as possible with a minimum of staffing."

The system was recommended by builders working on the Health and Science Center last year, Granger said. Administrators spent about three months comparing the S2 program with several other options before making a decision.

The new system was installed at Pro-Tech and the Classroom Wing during construction upgrades this fall.

"Now we want to do the entire campus so we have one system," Granger said.

So far, installation has been paid for with capital construction money, but Granger said coal lease bonus funds from the state will cover the rest of the work. Coal lease money must be spent on safety and security, he added.

Granger recommended hiring the same company -- VTI Security Integrators of Cheyenne -- to complete the campus-wide installation project.

"In an effort to keep the access control system consistent throughout the campus, the only bid we requested ... was from VTI Security," Granger said.

The company offers a one-year warranty that begins on the date of substantial project completion.

Board approval is required for any project that costs more than $100,000.

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