Keep pushing

Feb 20, 2014 By Steven R. Peck

Public facilities don't build themselves, and CWC proves the value of steady exertion

The paint is barely dry on Central Wyoming College's huge new Health and Science Center, and the Intertribal Education and Community Center is still a new kid on the campus block, yet CWC already is asking the state of Wyoming for more money for two more capital construction projects.

One is the student-oriented college "success center," which would be a separate facility dedicated to preparing incoming students for college life and academics, providing tutoring and other learning assistance for established students, and serving as a valuable recruiting asset. The second is a new site for CWC's extended campus in Jackson.

So soon? Darned right.

Through nearly 50 years, Central Wyoming College has been the living demonstration of an important lesson for smaller communities: When you have a chance to build something, do it.

Public facilities don't build themselves. They come about because of vision, imagination, planning, opportunity and, yes, usually some good, hard pushing.

That's what CWC is doing now. If it doesn't work this time, then it will the next. That's another lesson our community college has taught Fremont County.

Had the college taken a too much/too soon attitude at the beginning, then it could have stopped after the two original buildings went up in the 1960s and called it good.

Instead, it has looked to the future, mapped strategies, informed voters and lawmakers of its plans, and built. Surely no one could argue that our community has not been greatly improved by this philosophy and its results.

Central Wyoming College has a proven history of facilities growth, sometimes against considerable odds. That history was built one project at a time, through consistency of purpose and planning.

Now there are two more construction objectives on the drawing board. That is exactly as it ought to be. Both are worthy initiatives. Keep pushing, CWC, and good luck.

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