Senior center complainers ought to be there to help

Apr 11, 2012 M. Nichols Sr., Riverton


In reply to Carl. M. Niswonger's letter to The Ranger concerning the Riverton Senior Citizens Center needs an advocate and that the center has very few people coming through its doors. I have tried to get the info that Mr. Niswonger claims to have. I can't find anything to support his statement and invite him to produce these facts. Then we can work with each other to improve the senior center that he states is going in the hole and very few people are coming to the center.

I invite Mr. Niswonger to come volunteer at the center and help improve things. As a senior who loves this center and volunteers here approximately six days a week, I find the seniors who come here very nice people who want a place to come and enjoy time talking with old friends, playing cards and cribbage, (as Mr. Niswonger does).

I find that the staff, volunteers, board members are hard-working people who support the center and go out of their way to help all seniors. After all, the object is to improve the center, not tear it down.

So please, Mr. Niswonger, come volunteer and talk with the people who come here and get first-hand info, directly from all our seniors who enjoy the center. Please come and hear from the seniors, their problems, and maybe you can help me fix the problems. I am sure they would thank you, as they do me.

It is one thing to talk about helping the center. It is another thing to do something about it. So come work beside me to make this center the best it can be.

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