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County's DUI arrest rate second-lowest in state at 24 percent

Jan 21, 2014 From staff reports

Fremont County recorded one of the lowest rates of drunken driving arrests in the state in 2012, according to the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police.

Of the 1,318 total arrests made in Fremont County in 2012, only 318 --or 24.13 percent --involved subjects who were charged with DUIs. Twenty-eight were juvenile drivers.

The only county with a smaller rate of DUI arrests was Natrona County, though more incidents were recorded there. A total of 3,124 arrests in 2012 included 752 --or 24.075 percent --DUI charges. The figure statewide was 32.89 percent, accounting for 4,761 DUIs of 18,322 total offenses in 2012.


The average blood-alcohol content for a DUI offender in the state in 2012 was .156. The state's legal limit is .08.

The number in Fremont County was .163 overall and .144 for juveniles. The highest average BAC came from Weston County, at .175.

Other BACs are recorded separately. The average BAC for people arrested for public intoxication statewide was .267 in 2012 and .266 in Fremont County.

Public intoxication charges accounted for about 30 percent of arrests (396 of 1,318) in Fremont County in 2012, compared to almost 19 percent statewide. The public intoxication arrest rate in Fremont County was the second highest in the state that year, with the highest number found in Teton County, where 33 percent of arrests involved public intoxication in 2012. The numbers were lower in Teton, however: There were only 424 total arrests there in 2012, with 143 involving public intoxication.

The Fremont County Alcohol Crisis Center in Riverton, now the Center of Hope, admitted 1,884 people for help with public intoxication in 2012.

Other arrests

Fremont County's arrest total in 2012 also included 1,068 misdemeanors, 73 felonies, 72 domestic violence offenses, 81 resisting arrest charges and 62 assaults.

Alcohol was involved in 1,026 arrests (78 percent of the total), drugs were involved in 68 arrests and methamphetamine was involved in 21 arrests.

Most people arrested locally in 2012 were from Fremont County (1,142), with 31 recorded as in-state visitors and 39 from out of the state. Nearly 300 were female, 971 were male and roughly 50 were of an unknown gender. The average age of an arrestee was 34.15.

Data is delayed by a year because investigators and auditors must re-confirm every reported DUI death across all 23 counties before the final tally is certified.

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