Shooting of local man by county deputy deserved more notice

Apr 8, 2012 Fred Nelson, Riverton


A few weeks ago a Fremont County law enforcement officer fatally shot an individual in Pavillion. That incident barely made local news.

Then, more recently, a Neighborhood Watch member shot and killed a teen, and it made national news.

In fact, the President of the United States has even weighed in on the issue.

The difference? Apparently, only the race of the victim.

Poor Mike Huff. Had he just been black, or even a person of influence in the community, maybe his killing wouldn't go unnoticed.

Editor's note: The shooting death of Michael Huff was the subject of three front-page stories in this newspaper in March, including twice in the lead position. We also published an editorial calling for a full disclosure of the details of the case. All three of our stories were picked up statewide by the Associated Press. Mr. Huff's obituary also was published. All of our coverage was posted at as well, where it remains.

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