Find comfort in small things to survive busy business life

Dec 19, 2013 By Leonard Holler

Question -- "How do I keep my sanity in the hustle and bustle of my business life?"

-- Cindy, Gillette

Answer -- You need some inspiration on a cold winter's day? I recently read the following in "More Than Just a Thought --Life in a Nutshell," a monthly newsletter I get from Clay Nelson's Life Balance. I really liked what he said. It reads like this:

"Life is an awe-inspiring journey that we are meant to savor. We were given eyes, so that we can see the beauty around us, and so we may see when another is in need. We were given ears so we can learn, and so that we may listen to others. We were given voices so that we can share what we have learned along our journey, ask for help when it is needed, and teach and comfort others. We were given the ability to smell so that we may stop and really enjoy the fresh mountain air along our way. We were given the sense of touch so that we may not only love the way the soft fur on a kitty feels when you give them a belly rub, but give them happiness and provide for the needs of others in return.

"We were given this gift of life to enjoy, and in return for this gift, we are called to make a difference in the lives of others."

Nelson has more than three decades of experience as an executive business coach, counseling executives and their teams in how to grow their businesses as well as themselves both personally and professionally.

A successful entrepreneur and great lover and observer of life, Nelson's "on-the-job" business and life experiences provide him with the ability to relate to the varied work-life issues that we all deal with each and every day.


Editor's note:R00;Leonard Holler is the WSBDC regional director, part of WyomingEntrepreneur.Biz, a collection of business assistance programs at the University of Wyoming.

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