Both sides of wolf issue afraid the other is right

Apr 6, 2012 Pat Lawry, Riverton


I have been watching the two sides of the wolf issue going back and forth for years. I have come to believe that reason they always run to court after a decision or a plan is made is because both sides are afraid the other side might turn out to be right.

If you like wolves you don't want any state management plans to get the go-ahead because then they might prove that wolves could thrive in our part of the country even if there weren't quite so many of them

And to the converse side, if you hate wolves you don't want any protections on them because you are afraid it might be proved that elk herds could survive even if there are wolves, or that wolves won't put livestock ranchers out of business.

There is just no way under the constitution that I can imagine how a law by Congress that prohibits any more lawsuits. Everyone has the right to sue, and the wolf supporters and opponents are proving that year after year.

One of these years it would be good to see how one of these new plans would work without the courts playing a major role in it, but I guess we can't every count on that.

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