Downtown restroom a good idea; don't leave dogs in car

Apr 5, 2012 Pat Stevens, Riverton


I am writing in regard to two subjects. First of all, I support Mayor Ron Warpness's desire for a public restroom. There needs to be public restrooms downtown, not only for shoppers but for events that take place, such as parades, etc.

It looked like a neat design as shown in the paper. I think Ron should get more support in his ideas. He was elected mayor by all the people, and the city council should support him.

Also, I see so many people leaving their dogs in their vehicle. And a lot of them don't even roll down their windows. Isn't there a law or something against this. If not, there should be. Dogs have been known to get very sick or die because of this neglect.

If a person is traveling and they have to leave the dog in the vehicle, they should at least have a window or two rolled down a little and return as soon as possible.

Why don't local people just leave their dogs home. If they are taking them to the vet, they should leave them there until they finish their shopping or whatever.

There is never any excuse for neglect or cruelty. A person wouldn't like to be closed up in a hot vehicle (or a cold one in the wintertime) for any length of time.

Dogs can't go in the store and shop, or ask for something they might like. If they are taken to protect the vehicle, people can look in the vehicle. So what's the point of taking a dog and making it suffer?

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