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Civil talk could help with senior center issues

Apr 4, 2012 Frank Tanner, Riverton


It is my understanding that a member of the board of directors of the Riverton Senior Citizens Center at the March 20 meeting of the board stated that the group known as Concerned Seniors for an Improved Center in Riverton was actually trying to destroy the local senior center.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are only trying to regain our rights, as defined in the Older Americans Act, to have an active role in the development and operation of senior programs and to provide for the election of board members by those people actively participating in the various programs instead of by the board itself.

Had the board of directors expressed the slightest interest in meeting with us to discuss our concerns in a realistic, non-confrontational manner when this all started over a year ago, I am sure everything could have been worked out to our mutual satisfaction.

Instead, the board chose to have a closed meeting with select staff members and, based on that meeting, reject our entire list of suggestions and concerns with two exceptions: 1) the posting of a meeting agenda prior to board meetings and 2) the posting of Board meeting minutes following their approval.

Consequently, there continue to be no program reports or fiscal reports provided for public consumption and little or no active involvement of program participants in the development, operation and evaluation of the programs operated by the center and certainly no information on the objectives of the various programs being provided.

If everything is as bright and rosy as staff and board members would have us believe, then why not begin providing factual data to support what you say rather than just empty words.

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