State streamlines livestock import regulations

Oct 12, 2017 From staff reports

Recent revisions made to the Wyoming Livestock Board's Chapter 8 Import Rules were signed into effect by Gov. Matt Mead last month.

According to Wyoming State Veterinarian Dr. Jim Logan, the Chapter 8 rules were revised primarily to condense, consolidate, and clarify the intent of the import requirements, as well as to remove redundant language, in keeping with Gov. Mead's rules initiative.

However, there are a few major changes that could impact producers who import livestock into the state. A couple of these changes involve the Trichomoniasis test requirements for imported bulls.

The age requirement for test eligible, sexually intact males has been lowered from 24 months to 18.

Secondly, in keeping with recent revisions made to the Chapter 15 Trichomoniasis Rules, test eligible bulls are now required to have only one negative PCR Trich test within 60 days prior to entry.

Previously, the requirement was two negative PCR or three negative culture tests. Other modifications involve import requirements for swine.

All imported swine must have official individual identification and the ID numbers have to be listed on the Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

Non-commercial swine that are from a validated Brucellosisfree state or area must test negative for Brucellosis within 30 days prior to import unless they are from a validated Brucellosis-free herd.

Additionally, non-commercial swine that are from a Pseudorabies Stage IV or V state or area are required to have a negative Pseudorabies test within 30 days prior to import unless they are from a qualified, Pseudorabies-negative herd.

Equine import rules have also been altered to explain requirements for an Extended Equine Certificate of Veterinary Inspection now being utilized in many states.

Should Wyoming choose to join this program with other states, horses will be allowed to travel between Wyoming and the participating states without a health certificate as long as the standard guidelines are followed.

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