Health program credited with reducing insurance costs

Oct 8, 2017 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

The Fremont County Commis-sion has credited a health program -- optional to their employees -- as having reduced insurance premium costs for the governmental entity.

Before the program began in 2014, county board chairman Travis Becker said the county was seeing massive premium increases each year. Since then, there have been none.

Becker said he knows of no other governmental entity in the state that has a comparable wellness program.

Since 2014, the participation rate of county employees has increased from 72 percent to 81 percent.

Since 2014, the average body mass index has decreased from 29.2 to 28.1. The average men's waist size has decreased from 39 inches to 37.1 inches.

The average women's waist size has decreased from 34 inches to 32.2 inches.

The average blood glucose level has decreased from 99 mg/dL to 92 mg/dL.

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