City logs big hours, gallons on mosquitoes

Oct 1, 2017 By Alejandra Silva, Staff Writer

The City of Riverton went through 420 gallons of malathion to control the mosquito population this summer.

The chemical is used every year as the city's primary insecticide.

The two city employees who manage mosquito control - Jerrod Blury and Frank Bringolf - logged 230 hours fogging malathion.

Operations division manager Gregg Schaub said the city started fogging June 26 but went into double fogging Aug. 2, after West Nile virus showed up positive.

He also noted fogging started two weeks later than usual.

Fogging typically runs June through September.

"We started later because of how late summer showed up this year," Blury said.

Fogging has been done as early as May in previous years.

"Just after the solar eclipse we quit doing the double fogging," Schaub added.

The city stopped fogging on Sept. 15, when traps weren't capturing as many mosquitoes and the weather cooled.

Overall, this year's mosquito fogging season went well, Schaub said.

Fremont County Weed and Pest recorded some mosquitoes with West Nile virus early in the season and most recently in early September, just days after the agency decided to end trapping for the season.

A human case of West Nile virus was reported in Fremont County soon afterward.

It's possible someone else could be carrying the virus from an August mosquito bite, too, Weed and Pest representatives stated.

Blury said his team split up the city into five routes.

One employee is able to fog the entire city within a week.

When they do double fogging, both workers are on the clock, and each one covers an opposite end of town so that they can fog the entire city twice in one week.

"We did three solid weeks of double spraying," Blury said.

Other "behind-the-scenes" mosquito control the city does, but that the public doesn't always see, is the control of mosquito larva. Killifish are trapped and planted in various ponds throughout the city to control mosquito larva.

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