Let names of Yellowstone sites 'remain as they are'

Sep 20, 2017 Breva Clananhan, Riverton


I think the names of the Hayden Valley and Mount Doane in Yellowstone Park should be left alone and remain as they are. I did not know the history of Mr. Hayden of Mr. Doane before this criticism came up, but their negative points don't wipe out what they did to explore and create Yellowstone as a protected place for everyone to enjoy.

One thing that has been done in other historic places is to put up a sign or plaque to tell a more complete story about who people were, including the important things they did which were not so good.

In doing some reading about the two men, I think their positive points and contributions to Yellowstone, particularly Mr Hayden, should not be erased from the history of Yellowstone Park.

I am fine with learning the bigger picture, but that is only part of it.

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