Tuesday notes

Sep 19, 2017 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

No fair, Ma

That was a dirty trick Mother Nature played last week in choosing homecoming week in both Riverton and Lander to deliver the only period of truly bad weather we've seen all summer. Events were canceled, altered, and generally made much less pleasant than they tend to be during a typical homecoming week.

There are no indoor football facilities in Fremont County, so the games playedFridaynight were, at best, cold and wet. On some football fields, they resembled the Fremont County fair's mud-wrestling event as much as they did a football game.

Equinox at hand

We are in the final few days of planetary summer, with the autumnal equinox set to arrive in our hemisphere thisFriday, Sept. 22. AsSundayandMonday showed, there is still enough resilience left in the season to bounce back from a couple of days of cold, rainy weather.Mondaybrought a beautiful late-summer day.

But it does seem as if the annual inquiry we make about the possibility of one more 90-degree day after Labor Day has been decided, emphatically. More cool, more clouds, and more rain are arriving this week.

Still, remember that resilience. The stretch between the first day of fall and first day of November usually offers up some of the nicest weather of the entire calendar year in central Wyoming. We'll all be hoping.

A bit fuzzy

Our apologies to some readers who received theirSundayRanger with a front-page print quality poorer than intended. Partway throughSaturdaynight's press run of Section A, an alert member of the press crew noticed an error that warranted correction. After the correction was made on the computerized version of the page, it was re-sent to the pressroom with a lower print resolution setting than it should have had. In the rush to catch up, nobody noticed the difference, which ought to have been detected, first and foremost, by the editor. Shooting page-1 picturesFridaynight at the dark, rainy homecoming activities was hard enough without the additional handicap of clicking the wrong print-resolution button. The kid still looked good, but it could have been better. Our apologies.

Name brand

As expected, the Riverton Regional Airport board has taken a step closer to changing the name of the airport to something with a more regional appeal. To the board's credit, members are seeking some public input about the idea of changing the name at all, as well as what the new name might be.

The Ranger supports the idea, but it is not a done deal. It could be called off altogether if a lot of people object to it. More likely though, there will be some differences in opinion about what the new name might be.

Before making any decisions, the board would appreciate hearing from members of the public who have a point of view on what the airport ought to be called. A good place to weigh in would Riverton City Hall, where public works director Kyle Butterfield has been an active figure in airport issues. The telephone number there is 856-2228. Please be concise and polite.

We also would welcome letters to the editor on the subject. Instructions on how to submit a letter to the editor are published on this page almost every day. Remember, all Ranger letters to the editor must be signed, and the writer's name will appear in print.


It took longer than anyone would have liked, but there finally are a few victories being posted by Fremont County's high school football teams this year. So far, nearing the halfway point of the season, it has been a struggle for all of them. One never knows for certain how a season will go, nor how meaningful particular games might end up being - but given the layout of the Class 3-A conferences, theSept. 29game at Wolverine Field between Riverton and the archrival Lander Tigers could be meaningful not only for annual bragging rights, but for post-season qualification as well.

It's been a couple of years since the two teams have met on RHS's home territory, so a good crowd can be expected - and desired.

Mighty Ducks

A rung up the football latter, the Wyoming Cowboys have taken on a couple of bigger-time opponents this season in the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Oregon Ducks. The experiences have been educational, to say the least. That was a real beating Oregon put on the Cowboys, and on Wyoming's home field, no less.

Our UW football program is on the way up, but in the world of college football, it is a difficult climb. A good Mountain West conference season still can be had, and that is about to begin. Go Pokes.

Here's to a good week.

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