Community colleges in state favor option other than ousting 'dreamers'

Sep 15, 2017 Jim Rose, Cheyenne


The mission of the Wyoming Community College Commission is to ensure that Wyoming community colleges can provide dynamic, lifelong learning environments that lead to responsible citizenship and economic, social and cultural prosperity. An integral part of upholding that mission is to assist the colleges in providing safe environments conducive to learning.

Our seven community colleges are committed to open access and to assisting every student in achieving success, including some whose immigration status has recently been an issue of concern for postsecondary education.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was implemented as a temporary stop-gap to protect students and others who came to the US as children until comprehensive immigration policy could be enacted by Congress.

The recent decision by President Trump to phase out the DACA program unless Congress develops such a policy, threatens thousands of students throughout the country, including students at our community colleges and creates an urgent need to address this issue.

As the executive director of the Wyoming Community College Commission, I strongly urge Wyoming's Congressional delegation to work with their counterparts in Washington D.C. and develop a comprehensive solution that allows these students to continue to pursue their educational dreams and aspirations at our community colleges, preparing them to contribute and thrive in a more economically and ethnically diverse Wyoming.

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