Rescinding DACA a 'heartless and cowardly' move by Trump

Sep 14, 2017 Joe M. Barbuto, Rock Springs


Regarding President Donald Trump's decision to rescind the DACA program:

Rescinding the program is a particularly heartless and cowardly decision by President Trump. The young people targeted by this action are productive, contributing members of our communities.

They're our neighbors, coworkers, classmates, and friends. To tear them away from their families and force them into the shadows goes against our shared values as Wyomingites and Americans."

The Wyoming Democratic Party stands in solidarity with DREAMers, and we urge Sen. Enzi, Sen. Barrasso, and Rep. Cheney to work across the aisle to preserve the DACA program.

Editor's note: Joe Barbuto is chairman of the Wyoming Democratic Party.

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