Money, not items, best way to help Red Cross assist hurricane victims

Sep 6, 2017 Pat Kondas, American Red Cross of Wyoming Casper


Red Cross of Wyoming is asking people to please not donate clothing, household goods, toys, and other hard goods to the offices in Casper and Cheyenne.

Red Cross has no way to get the items to Texas.

Also, because the disaster program manager in Casper already is deployed to Texas, the items cannot even be taken inside once they arrive at our offices.

Most of those affected by the hurricane are more in need of food and shelter, rather than clothing and household goods, because most of them have no place to keep such items even if they do receive them.

Red Cross is asking that well-meaning Wyoming citizens either hold yard sales and donate the money to the Red Cross, or donate the items to the Salvation Army or other organizations to be sold in their stores.

Even though the items won't get directly to hurricane victims in Texas, the funds from selling the items will help provide assistance where needed.

The most efficient way to directlyassist those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and the surrounding area, as well as other disasters, is to make a donation.

Money donated to the Red Cross can be spent in the communities on food and supplies, which helps the local economy, as well as those affected.

You can donate $10 by texting Redcross to 90999, call 1-800-redcross or donate online at

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