Week one routs sign of new season? Hopefully not

Sep 3, 2017 By Scott Akanewich, Sports Editor

Add up the composite score from Fremont County's opening week of football and one will calculate a rather staggering -- and absurd -- set of numbers.


Yes, that was the aggregate add-up of our local gridiron heroes' respective opening games of the season.

Riverton lost to Evanston in the closest contest by a 21-8 scoreline last Friday during Week Zero action and was certainly a preview of what we would see this week.

Absolute zero.

As in competitiveness.

Lander welcomed one of last season's Class 3-A state semifinalists in Green River to scenic Bill Bush Stadium and were promptly dismissed by their fellow green-wearing gladiators by a margin of 42-6.

Sad part is, the Tigers' defeat at the hands (or is it paws?) of the Wolves was actually the second-most competitive game of the opening slate of the season.

But, we're just getting started.

Shoshoni was shown the door by the Bobcats of Thermopolis up in Hot Springs County by a mere 48-0 scoreline, while Wind River had the wind taken out of their sails after getting punched by Big Piney, 62-8.

Get it? "Punched?" As in Punchers?

The Cougars sure did.

All that kept St. Stephen's from being whitewashed by Hanna-Elk Mountain was a two-run homer by Bryce Harper in the fourth quarter, as the Eagles were destroyed by the Miners, 57-2.

Finally in the grand daddy of all blowouts, the Dubois Rams were edged by defending 6-man state champions Kaycee, 79-6.

Now, it's perfectly acceptable to allow 79 points on defense in a basketball game or to score six runs in a baseball game, but those two numbers in a football score don't sit well, at least if you're on the wrong end.

So, what gives?

I don't know, but I'm not a coach whose job it is to figure out such things.

Is any group of young athletes really 73 points better than another group of young athletes?

Probably not.

Whatever it is, hopefully this opening week of beatdowns wasn't simply a preview of what's to come all season.

For the record, though, the Chiefs of Wyoming Indian are still unbeaten on the new campaign at 0-0, with their season-opener on Tuesday in Ethete, as they are scheduled to host the Lander junior varsity squad.

Onward and upward -- hopefully.


Next time you're at a local game and the national anthem is played beforehand, take a look around and see if anyone remains sitting or takes a knee during "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Of all the events I've covered recently, I've not seen one person who has openly disrespected the anthem or the flag.

Yet, in other parts of our country, it seems to be all the rage at the moment.

Well, that fills me with rage.


Anyone who doesn't like anything which is currently going on in America is entitled to their opinion.

Guess what?

I don't like a lot of things going on right now.

But, as someone who wore the uniform of my country for a decade, I take serious umbrage and offense to anyone who wants to disrespect our national colors and/or anthem.

Neither one represents anything currently happening across the American landscape.

What they do represent is the sacrifices people across this great country of ours have made -- whether military or civilian -- to make our nation what it is.

The Greatest Country on Earth.

So, if anyone wants to protest anything they don't approve of -- and there's plenty of it -- do something about it.

Volunteer in your community.

Write your Congressman.

Organize civilized, peaceful protests -- it's your right as an American.

But, don't you dare not show proper respect for the flag and the anthem which represent the very values which allow you the freedom to do so.

Three stars

We were hoping to name a football player or two this week, but see above. Good thing we still have plenty of other fall sports to choose our weekly heroes from.

No. 3

Josie Dike,

Riverton, swimming

The Lady Wolverines' queen of the pool was at it again this week, winning a pair of individual events (50-yard freestyle, 1-meter diving) as well as being on two first-place relay teams (200-yard medley, 400-yard freestyle) at the Riverton Invitational on Saturday, a week after winning the Bruce Gresly Pentathlon in Lander with a dominant performance in the rival Tigers home waters.

Someone check and make sure the girl isn't actually a mermaid.

She sure swims like one.

Well done.

No. 2

Naya Shime,

Riverton, volleyball

Every so often, you do a double-take while looking over a stat sheet, as in, "No way, that can't be right -- it must be a mistake."

Like when perusing volleyball numbers following a match and seeing a "23" in the kills column.

Not for an entire team, but one player.

Yet, that's exactly what Shime did in the Lady Wolverines' home match against Torrington on Friday, as the silky-smooth sophomore sensation continued to pound volleyballs into submission at an ever-alarming rate, recording an amazing 23 against the Trailblazers.

No mistake and no joke when this Big Red baller hits the court.


No. 1

Macy Jacobson,

Lander, golf

Speaking of incredibly talented local female athletes, Jacobson is continuing to dominate her competition on the course week after week, posting another tournament victory at the Rawlins Invitational this weekend.

But, Jacobson doesn't just win.

She embarrasses people out there, regularly lapping the field and winning by double-digit strokes on the scorecard.

The Lady Tigers' double-defending Class 3-A girls state champion is certainly on her way to another trophy this season.

Very cool, indeed.

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