Iiams set to be freed after sentencing

Sep 3, 2017 From staff reports

Tyson Iiams is set to be released after his sentencing after pleading guilty to sexual battery and felonious restraint.

After pleading guilty to felonious restraint, Iiams will be sentenced to three to five years imprisonment, and will have the rest of his sentence suspended after being credited with time served.

Instead, the Lander man is set to serve three years probation.

If Iiams does not abide by the terms of his bond, prosecutors will be entitled to proceed with sentencing as if no plea deal existed.

Iiams had originally been charged with sexual assault in the third degree, a felony, along with five misdemeanors: False imprisonment, unlawful contact, domestic battery and two counts of property destruction and defacement.

The charges stemmed from multiple incidences in late 2016 with a woman with whom he had "an 'on and off' dating relationship" for seven years.

The couple had two daughters together and Iiams occasionally lived with her.

The victim told police that in mid-November, Iiams became angry with her when she refused to "get out of bed" to go with him to Riverton to buy work shoes.

She said Iiams pushed out of the bed and into the kitchen, where he screamed in her face, ripped off her glass and shattered her phone.

The victim also told police that on Dec. 11, Iiams became angry with her after she left the house the previous night to go to the casino.

In anger, Iiams forced her into the bedroom and attempted to rape her while their 3-year-old waited outside. However, the victim told police that after ripping off all of her clothes, Iiams "did not have an erection."

When she tried to leave, Iiams grabbed her by the throat, slapped her, and forced her back to the bedroom.

He then ordered her to drive him to "the Fremont County Detention Center so he could turn himself in."

"On the way to the detention center, (Iiams) used her phone to call his grandfather," Lander detective Randy Lutterman said in an affidavit. "(Iiams) told his grandfather that he was going to jail for domestic violence and attempted rape."

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