Riverton man arrested after trying to enter closed business

Aug 30, 2017 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

A Riverton man was arrested Monday for repeated attempts to enter a fast food restaurant that was closed, officials said.

Police responded at about 11:30 p.m. Monday to reports that Victor Hernandez, 33, of Riverton, was trying to get into the McDonald's restaurant in the 800 block of North Federal Boulevard.

The manager had told him the restaurant was closed, according to reports, but Hernandez kept trying to get through the door, so the manager asked police to issue a no-trespass notice.

Officers complied and "sent (Hernandez) on his way," Riverton Police Department Lt. Wes Romero said Tuesday. But instead of leaving the scene, Hernandez "hid in the bushes" until the police had departed, then headed back to the restaurant to try to get in again.

The officers returned to the area, Romero said, and Hernandez approached them "asking if (they) wanted to fight him."

"He had his fists clenched and was all bowed up," Romero said. "The officer gave him orders to stop, and he stopped, but he continued to clench his fists, making comments like, 'What are you going to do, shoot me?'"

The officers told Hernandez they weren't going to shoot him, Romero said, but they did warn him that he might be shocked with a Taser if he didn't "stay back."

In the end, he was pepper sprayed by another officer who "took him down" during a "brief struggle."

Hernandez was taken into custody and arrested for resisting and trespassing.

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